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About Us

Every day we change the idea of ​​entrepreneurship and simplify the lives of our clients. We develop cool products, sincere service - we communicate with customers in a simple language, we really solve problems and pains. Every mistake we make is a motivation to do even better. My strength is important so that each person finds value for himself and can realize his potential in the ecosystem. Twessy LTD.

Mass Media about us

"Twessy LTD" is a mobile version of the main trading platform in the CIS countries for the purchase and sale of author's handicrafts. For each item there is a detailed description of materials, sizes, terms and possible delivery points.

Feedback from our clients

It is very difficult to find the right words for the emotion of happiness and delight, especially when you really get the object of your old dream, which still exceeds all your expectations. My shield is closed with a wonderful key holder :) How did he infuriate me for several years, and how did I not find you before? Everything fits just perfect! Thank you a thousand times, good luck and prosperity, I will recommend you to everyone

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