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Providing a secure knowledge management software is our top priority

Thousands of customers trust us to keep their proprietary data safe. We have a team of experts and robust security measures in place to ensure the highest level of protection.

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HTTPS enforced everywhere
SSO - SAML, AD (Business & Enterprise only)
SCIM provisioning (Business & Enterprise only)
Support Privacy Shield & GDPR
SOC 2 Type I and Types II Reports

Operational practices

All employees must complete a background check during recruitment and sign our Acceptable Use Policy at the time of their employment.

Physical security

We use colocation facilities with industry-standard access controls including limited access, 24/7 on-premises security and biometric identity verification.


Your data is only accessible to a select group of technical personnel for the purpose of maintaining the security and availability of our service.


We support and comply with Privacy Shield & GDPR and do not mine your data for any reason, nor sell it to third-parties.


Explicit permission from you is strictly required if or when accessing the network with your data.

Information Security

Our robust Information security program is built on the reputable ISO 27001 framework. Access to our Information Security Policy can be provided after signing an NDA.


Your data is logically isolated into its own SQL schema and stored in separate databases accessible only by requests for your team.


All customer data is encrypted when in transit over public networks and within our network between the private Teams network zone and the rest of our infrastructure.

SOC 2 logo Privacy Shield Framework

Frequently Asked Security Questions

General security measures for our knowledge management software

What is the difference between hosting yourself or in the Stack Overflow Enterprise Managed Cloud?

If you decide to host data in your own data center, this changes who has physical access to the servers. All other rules like around encryption, identity checks for login and organizational security measures at Stack Overflow apply in the same way.

Is client data encrypted?

The Stack Overflow Enterprise application requires the use of HTTPS in order for clients to communicate with the site.

Who has access to login details?

Stack Overflow does not store any usernames or passwords that are owned and managed by your organization. In order for users to access the site, we require you to configure a SAML 2.0 Identity Provider (IDP). SAML 2.0 IDP requires a unique id, an email, and a full name.

Which Security certifications do you have on an organizational level?

We operate according to Support Privacy Shield and GDPR. We also have SOC 2 Type I and Type II reports.

Security measures for hosting on your own premises

Where is Stack Overflow Enterprise Customer Data stored?

With Enterprise you have a choice between hosting the application in your own data center or cloud service.

How do you separate Private Q&A data from Public Q&A?

Each customer’s instance of Stack Overflow Enterprise is isolated in your own data center if you chose to host. This means that the infrastructure for each customer’s site is not shared among our customer base and that we provision each customer’s infrastructure such that traffic and data never cross customer boundaries.

Azure cloud security measures

Where is Stack Overflow Enterprise Customer Data stored?

For the Cloud option, we use Microsoft Azure Cloud, which means you’ll have world-class infrastructure and security of that platform as your backbone, including SOC II and ISO27001 certified infrastructure.

How do you separate customer data?

Each customer’s instance of Stack Overflow Enterprise is isolated in their own Resource Group within our Azure Cloud Subscription. This means that the infrastructure for each customer’s site is not shared among our customer base and that we provision each customer’s infrastructure such that traffic and data never cross customer boundaries.

Can issues on other Enterprise clients instances affect my data?

No. The whole infrastructure is set up to isolate applications, networks, and ultimately your data from other customers. We provision a separate Resource Group in our Azure Cloud Subscription for each customer.

What encryption is used on Azure?

The Azure Database and Storage services that we use to store the data of a customer’s site are both encrypted at rest and encrypted in motion.

Who has admin access at Stack Overflow?

Access is restricted to Site Reliability Engineers for Stack Overflow Enterprise who have been trained on the information security policies and guidelines in place. This includes guidelines for Data Loss and Leakage Prevention which aim to prevent customer data from ever leaving your provisioned resource group in our Azure Cloud subscription.

Where can I learn more about Azure Cloud?

Since we run and manage the Stack Overflow Enterprise Managed Cloud service through a SOC II and ISO27001 certified Azure Cloud, you can learn all about it in detailed specifications published by Azure Cloud on the security of its public cloud platform and infrastructure.

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