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Post questions and get answers, with our Slack integration.

Slack and Stack Overflow work better together. Give your team the ultimate knowledge-sharing experience.

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Illustration of the Slack integration
Slack UI Screenshot Slack command /stack search screenshot
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Search for Answers in Slack

When you integrate Slack with Stack Overflow for Teams, you’ll be able to search for answers directly in your Slack channel. Simply type /stack search and see all of your Team’s questions and answers without leaving Slack.

Get Instant Notifications

Stay up-to-date with instant, customized notifications pushed directly to your Slack channel. Whenever someone asks a question, posts an answer, notifies you or adds a new comment, you’ll be notified on Slack within seconds.

Slack UI Screenshot Slack notification message screenshot
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Slack UI Screenshot Slack notification message screenshot
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Start Questions from Slack

Stack Overflow for Teams fits right into your existing Slack workflow. With this integration, you’ll be able to start a question directly from Slack – just select Ask on Teams from the integration dropdown. We’ll automatically take you to the Ask a Question page in your Team so you can finish posting your question.

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